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In some parts of the world people tattoo their bodies to protect themselves from the so called evils. Read on to know how and where people regard tattoo as a symbol of safety and protection from evil forces

Tattoos For Protection

Tattoos in different regions of the world are done for different purposes. There are health purposes, there are cosmetic purposes, there are customary purposes and then most commonly there are cosmetic purposes. Apart from this, in many countries, the tattoos are done for protective purposes. In many cultures tattoos are regarded as the protective amulets. Most of these beliefs have somehow originated from their religious beliefs. Read on to know how and where people regard tattoo as a symbol of safety and protection from evil forces.

Tattoo As Protection Symbol In Different Regions
  • There are many counties which deeply believe in the religious and mystical philosophy that claim tattoo to be protective amulets.
  • Women of Ainu group, the ethnic group indigenous to the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in Japan believe that if they get tattooed like a goddess, the evil spirits of diseases would run way from them out of the confusion of encountering god.
  • In Iraq, there is a custom to get a dot tattooed at the end of a child's nose to protect him from illness.
  • Aborigines, the natives of Australia get tattooed on their arms in order to protect themselves from boomerangs.
  • Burmese soldiers believe that tattoos on their thighs make them invincible in war.
  • In Cambodia, there is a popular common believe that if one covers his/her body with tattoo no external force can harm him/her not even the bullets.
  • Amongst the followers of Hinduism, it is a common believe that a tattoo of Lord Hanuman can protect them from all kinds of evils and pains.
  • In Thailand, the sacred Buddhist tattoos are considered to be extremely auspicious and are believed to have magical powers. In a religious ritual known as 'Krob Kru', there is a ritual of getting tattooed the sacred texts on chest, back or arms. The potency of the tattoo is then cross examined by a spiritual leader by giving each tattoo strong swipes of a sword after which the recipients either get ecstatic or bunt in violent spells.
  • Thai people used to get the tattoos of animals like snakes, tigers or Buddhist images or lucky numbers engraved on their bodies to keep them off the evil impact of the negative energies. They also believed in getting spiritual tattoos called the yantra tattoo, but it was not easily created in any tattoo parlor in Thailand. These tattoos of special nature were done in special chambers of Buddhists monks, with their special tools. These Buddhists followers used to make a whole spiritual ritual out of this.
  • Traditionally in the olden times, when a Thai person used to go to a temple to get a spiritual tattoo done on his/her body, he/she automatically used to become a member of the respective temple. This had a huge impact on their daily life, for example, if a fight broke out on the street then it would immediately stop if it is found out that both the parties were tattooed at the same temple.
  • The snake tribes of Pakokku in Burma believe these tattoos protect them from the vipers and cobras. Each member of this community goes under weekly tattooing. A proper ritual of tattooing accompanied with prayer is held here. Black Ink mixed with snake venom is used here tattooing after the ritual. The entire body of the tribal is covered with Buddhist symbols tattooed with the combination of venom and ink. Arms, legs, chest, back, face and even the scalp is tattooed.
  • In Hawaii, people worship tattoo gods which they believe can take various forms to protect them from evils.
  • Even in Samoa in the Pacific Island the tattoo art for its mystical value is held in high regard.
  • Hawaiian tattooing consists of figurines that has human faces carved into it. This form of tattoo is also known as tiki. Tiki is considered to ward off negative forces. These tattoos usually have human figures with their eyes closed, it depicts their capability to rather smell evil than wait for it to be witnessed with their eyes.
  • Polynesians greatly feared the geckos. They believed that geckos had supernatural powers and were the communicators of the upcoming troubles. They used to get tattoos depicting the picture of geckos in different patterns on their bodies to keep the geckos away. Polynesians also believed in the sacredness of sharks as they were considered as the bearers of great powers. They used to get shark tattoos done in the hope that it will protect them from enemies and threats.
  • Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie got some tattoos done from Bangkok for protection, like, some text from the ancient khmer script to keep bad luck off and an image of a large Asian tiger symbolizing strength against evil. She personally believes that these tattoos impart her with protection and security.

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