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In many parts of the world people tattoo their bodies with religious tattoos. Check out information on tradition of religious tattoos in several regions of the world.

Religious Tattoos

There are enormous reasons for which people get tattooed. These reasons depend upon the customary and religious relief of the people in the region. More or less, all the other reasons like health and protection revolve around the religious beliefs of people and their staunch believe in their deities. Though some of these religious beliefs have scientific back up, most of them are done simply due to the extreme faith of the people in this art as well as their religion. Given in this article are various details about the tradition of religious tattoos in several regions of the world.

Customs Of Religious Tattoos In Various Parts Of World
  • One of the earliest examples of religious tattoos has been found in Egypt. Women in the Egyptian civilization used to wear tattoos of their goddess of fertility. They use to get this tattoo engraved near their waist.
  • The Ramnaamis are a sect of people considered to be untouchables in India. They are scattered across the states of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh in India. These are a staunch devout of Lord Rama and they get his name engraved on their body in Sanskrit. They get Ram's name engraved on almost all the practically possible corner of their skin even on their tongues and inside their lips.
  • Tattoos of Hindu deities are a very popular fashion amongst Hindus. Gods like Shiva, Ganesha and Kali or sacred symbols like "Om" are not only a craze amongst religious people but also amongst young people.
  • The residents of Ribari tribe of Kutch located in North-east India wear tattoos as the physical symbols of their strong character and concern with faith and existence.
  • Religious Tattoos are common in Hawaii. They believe in tattoo god and they also have tattoo priest. People here believe that when you should get a tattoo, the tattoo god will himself tell you the time. They go for different kind of religious tattoos that they consider protect them from evils.
  • Even in many tribal areas of the world, there is a trend to engrave religious tattoo on their hand as a symbol of being the devout of the presiding deity of that particular sect or tribe.
  • Even the Native American and Buddhist community have a prevalent tradition of getting religious tattoos done on their body.
  • Despite there is a controversy on tattooing in Christianity (many people say that it is considered a sin as per Bible) many people of this community get Jesus' name or cross engraved on their bodies.
  • Jews share the same view as Christians on tattooing. Judaism forbids its followers to get their skin engraved; in fact it prohibits any permanent changes on the body except for circumcision. This is because they believe that the body is a sacred gift from the god. Making any permanent marks or engravings on this sacred gift from god would mean disrespecting him. Therefore it is frowned upon in the Jewish community to get a tattoo done on the body. Although, medical tattoos like chemotherapy are allowed. It is not just the conventional Jews who have got such views on tattoos, even the secular ones are not very open to the concept.
  • Islam has very strict rules on tattooing. Tattoos are completely prohibited in the Islamic community. It is not even a topic open for discussion or subjected to personal opinion in Islamic religion. It is believed in Islam that if a person gets a tattoo done on his/her body then he/she will never be able to achieve peace with god. Just like Christians and Jews, they are not allowed to make any permanent changes to their body, because the body belongs to Allah and not to them. But there is clause in Islam that if a person converts to Islam and has a tattoo engraved on his/her body, his/her tattoo will be accepted as a thing of his/her past. But if this person gets new tattoos done after conversion then it will be considered as haram.
Before You Get a Religious Tattoo Done:
  • Make sure that whatever you are getting tattooed is not going to hurt the religious sentiment of anyone else.
  • Understand the meaning of what you are getting tattooed, do not simply get it done because it looks beautiful.
  • Do not get it engraved on a place which is considered disrespectful as getting 'Om' engraved on ankles will be highly condemned in Hindu Religion.
  • Always remember that the religious tattoo that you are getting inked on your body will stay with you forever. You should be careful for what you are getting done, otherwise later when you will feel that the tattoo on your body represents everything that you do not believe in , you will not be able to change it.

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