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One can find a wide variety of tattoos being offered by the tattoo parlors, ranging from the abstractions to stylized designs. Check out information on different types of tattoos.

Types Of Tattoos

One of the most popular forms of body art, in the present times, tattoo can be described as a permanent marking on the body. In the art of tattooing, colored ink is inserted into the body, through the layers of skin. The result is a change of the skin pigment, whether for decorative purposes or otherwise. Undertaken since the prehistoric times, tattooing art is today practiced almost throughout the world. One can find a wide variety of tattoos being offered by the tattoo parlors, ranging from the abstractions to stylized designs. In the following lines, we have provided information on the different types of tattoos that have gained popularity in the present times.

Different Types of Tattoos
The types of tattoos differ on the basis of the style of designs used therein. Let us know more about them.

Abstraction Tattoos
Abstraction tattoos, mostly derived from archaic styles of tattooing, do not involve too much artwork. Mostly done in shades of black and classic gray, such tattoos are commonly made around the navel, chest and calves, though arms and upper back are also emerging as a popular choice. Abstractions tattoos include tribal and Celtic style tattoos, Old English lettering and Chinese symbols.

Naturalistic Tattoos
When an attempt is made to portray the tattoos in a realistic style, they tend to take the 'natural' form. The portrayal, involving minute detailing, shading and perspective, is done in such a way that imparts a tattoo design as much realism as possible. With their cost a little on the higher side, naturalistic tattoos more popularly comprise of faces of Native Americans and religious leaders.

Dedication Tattoos
Dedication tattoos, commonly known as 'pledges', involved the use of the sailor-based designs, like the heart and name banner, the anchor with a ship name, and the insignia of a military regiment. Not much popular in the present times, they command a reasonable price, mainly because of the reason that they are amongst the standard designs offered at a tattoo parlor.

Simplification Tattoos
Simplification tattoos do not have any limiting boundaries in terms of the designs. Almost any and every shape and size can be included in this type, as long as it is stylized by the tattoo maker. Right from the action figurines and animals to flowers and hearts, the range of designs in simplification tattoos is quite wide. Panthers and lions are the popular designs in standard simplification tattoos, while dragons and zodiac signs rule the roost in custom-made stylized tattoos.

Complex Tattoos
Complex tattoos, as their very name suggests, involve designs that are much more intricate than the other styles. Also known as combination tattoos, they comprise of an amalgamation of various tattoos, making them much more impressive than the other type of designs. The most popular complex tattoos comprise of traditional Japanese body suits and combinations of unrelated images.

Types Of Tattoos According To Their Body Placement

Tongue Tattoo
One of the latest trends in the tattoo world is to get a tattoo on the tongue. It is more hurtful than the usual tattooing procedure. The speech is initially affected after getting a tongue tattoo. It follows the same technique as getting a tattoo done on any regular part of the body, but the only modification is, it comes in different flavors like: chocolate, vanilla, etc.

Teeth Tattoo
World�s first teeth tattoo artist is a dental technician from US. It is one of the upcoming trends in the tattoo art world. Most popular designs in the teeth tattooing industries are: mickey mouse, Abraham Lincoln, spiders, Elvis, Queen Elizabeth, etc.

Fluorescent Tattoo
This type of tattoo is done with UV ink or black light ink on any part of the body. This type of tattoo glows under the black light but does not show in the dark or day time. This UV ink is also sometimes with a usual tattoo in small parts to give it some glow and sparkle.

Inside Lip Tattoo
The inner lip tattoo is becoming a favorite amongst the young generation. This is usually done on the inside of the lower lip but could also be done on the inside of the upper lip. This type of tattoo usually contains a small design or a text comprising of just a few words, because there is not much surface area to support heavy text or big designs.

Hair Tattoo
This is the mild form of medical tattooing that gives the impression of closely cropped or shaved hair. This procedure takes around three to four hours to finish and usually requires for a follow up session.

Eyebrow Tattoos
These are also called permanent eyebrows. The cosmetic eyebrow tattooing is usually done on people with little or no eyebrow hair at all. This intradermal micropigmentation should only be done by someone with right qualifications and diligence for it. The plus point of getting this tattoo is that people with meager amount of eyebrow hair can have a permanent solution to the problem.