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Temporary tattoos work great for people who just want to have fun, experiment with their looks, without indulging in any kind of pain. Check out different types of temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos work great for people who just want to have fun, experiment with their looks, without indulging in any kind of pain or regret of getting a permanent mark. In methodological terms, a temporary tattoo is an image on the skin that resembles a genuine tattoo, but is non-permanent. Such tattoos can be drawn, painted, or airbrushed, like as in body painting. They are used for several purposes, including self-expression, identification, and advertising. In fact, it's a nice way to be quite adventurous and inane because you know that can get rid of a temporary tattoo.

Stick-On Tattoos
Stick-on tattoos make the easiest way to get a temporary tattoo. Perhaps, it is the most popular form of temporary tattoo among the youngsters. These tattoos can be easily applied by placing them against your skin, then soaking the back of the paper with water. Doing this, the tattoo is transferred to the skin. The best part of stick-on tattoos is that they are easy and safe for kids of all ages. The ingredients in stick-on or press-on tattoos are approved by FDA to be used for cosmetic and decorative purposes.

Henna Tattoos
Other type of temporary tattoos is Henna tattoos. Henna is a temporary form of tattooing from South Asia. It is made from powdering the leaves of henna plant and then mixing it with water to make a thick paste. These tattoos should be used for older kids and adults, since they stay on the skin for much longer than the stick-on. All henna tattoos color the skin in orangish-brown color. To get the best temporary tattoo, use fresh henna. So, before buying a henna kit, confirm that the henna is fresh and not stale. You must be careful of the pre mixed versions of henna or the ones that say fast staining black henna, reason being that these types of hennas available in the market contain some ingredients in it that causes allergic reactions. This can be serious and can cause a permanent scar. If you want to remove your henna tattoo instead of waiting for it to fade away on its own then you can try soaking the skin in salty water for fifteen minutes. The salt will help in dissolving of the ink. This might not remove all of the ink; it will most probably just help in lightening it. To remove it further, you can try and use rough skin removers and rub the product on the henna tattooed part of the body.

Body Paint, Body Pencils, Body Crayons Tattoos
These temporary tattoos all loved by people of almost all age group. You can give yourself a beautiful look by using body paint, body pencils, and body crayons. In fact, such tattoos are great for children. Once drawn the tattoo, you can easily wash off these body paints, pencils, crayons and pen using water and a mild soap.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos
Temporary airbrush tattoos are another type of temporary tattoo that are applied on the skin surface, without causing any damage to the skin. Such tattoos are created by placing a stencil to the skin and inserting the tattoo ink with an airbrush. These tattoos give an impression of authentic tattoos.

Ballpoint Pen Tattoos
You can use ballpoint pens to create body art, primarily for temporary decorative purposes. There are ballpoint pen artists in the world who take participation in the temporary tattoo contests to show off their talent and art. Some of these people are hired by film makers and for other commercial purposes. In a ballpoint pen tattoo, the ballpoint pin is directly applied to the skin to make the design. These tattoos can be left to fade away on their own or can be washed off the tattooed part of the body. The ink content of the ballpoint pen does not contain any toxic material, therefore it is completely safe to be used on the skin.

Advantages of Temporary Tattoo