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In some regions of South East Asia and South Pacific, tattoos have also been used for health purposes. Read this article to understand the relation of tattooing and health through this article.

Tattooing For Health

Tattoo art is being practiced in India since immemorial times. In different times people had different reasons to get tattooed. In the monarchial era, it was done as the symbolism of royal lineage, medals of courage, as religious symbolism and also as the symbol of shame for the criminals and exiles. People today generally sport a tattoo for the cosmetic, sentimental and religious purposes. However, in some regions of South East Asia and South Pacific, tattoos have also been used for health purposes. Read this article to understand the relation of tattooing and health through this article.

Tattoo And Spiritual Healing
Though various communities claim the medical values of tattoo, nothing very significant has been discovered yet. Certain researches are going on to discover the factuality of the claim. Scientists however agree to some benefits of tattoos but disagree with a lot of claims, referring them as spiritual healing more than medical ones. However in countries like Tibet people still get engraved their bodies with tattoos related to their sacred mantras, mantra wheels and mantra flags. Tibetans deeply believe in the fact that these tattoos help them in achieving achieve inner as well as outer balance and harmony in their life. It would be interesting for you know that Tibetans also get tattooed on certain acupuncture points in order to insert certain medicinal herbs mixed in the tattoo dyes.

Many places in southern Asia, people also believe that if some distressed person is tattooed with a symbol of religious and spiritual significance, his problems are solved faster by the blessings of gods. In India, people get engraved the tattoo of lord Hanuman and Shiva for similar purposes. Another interesting example of people's deep faith in the tattoo art is that Ainu women get themselves tattooed as goddesses, so as to confuse the evil forces of disease and make the go away out of fear and dread. Tattoos amongst Maori girls are famous for their anti ageing capacities, it is a common believe amongst them that gets tattooed on their lips and chins remain young for long. Ainu women get tattooed on their hands and mouths to get back the falling eyesight.

Negative Spiritual Impact Of Tattoos
There exists a school of thought that believes that from a spiritual point of view, tattoos have a negative impact on our mind and body. It is believed that the major reason for getting a tattoo is fashion; people get it done on their bodies because they want to look good. This core reason for getting a tattoo causes an accumulation of enticing energy in the body. This enticing energy’s whole point is to attract other people towards itself, which in spiritual sense results into unreasonable increase in emotions and too much attachment to the external world or leads to giving into the sins of the great illusion. It elevates ego in an individual as it is an act of vanity. It is also said that most of the tattoo designs are not divine in nature, which causes the anxious energy to accumulate in the body. It is believed that tattoos create suffering vibes and energy into the environment by becoming a part of an individual’s body and causes that person to feel restless and angry bodily and spiritually. It changes the subtle spiritual aura of a human being. Some of the spiritual healers go as far as saying that tattoos attract negative energies emitted by ghost, demons, devil, etc. to an individual and can cause a substantial amount of danger to his/her mind, body and soul. This can be a permanent effect because tattoos stay on your body forever as it is permanent in nature. It also increases the amount of heat in the body which is not a good thing for the body as it can result in increase in chronic health disorders, as spiritually it is said that if the temperature of your body is cool then it means that your mind and body both are in a healthy state of mind. Spiritual healers and intellects caution people against getting tattoos but if you already have one then they promote the idea of practicing spiritual healing processes in order to ward off the negative impact of tattoos. They say that when a person accelerates on the path of spiritual journey, then anything on or related to the physical body will anyway start mattering less and less to the mind.

Tattoo And Modern Science Claims
Some of the researches are going on to prove the claims of some scientists that tattooing is a more effective way of injecting DNA vaccines than the common intramuscular injections. It is claimed that this method of injecting also got sixteen times better responses in terms of antibodies and cells. So, it also being said that these spiritual healing claims have some medical facts attached with it, which will very soon be experimentally proved.