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Interested in knowing the evolution of modern tattooing? Check out this article for information on modern day tattooing.

Modern Tattooing

The art of Tattooing has become a craze amongst youngsters. Not only rock stars or football players but common teenagers also get tattooed to show their fashion forwardness. The current fashion trend rates the tattoo art to be very cool and beautiful. Though this art is not nascent introduced to the world but the craze as it has gained now was never ever present in the past. Read on to explore about the trends of modern tattooing in the world.

History Of Tattooing in the Modern Era
Modern history of tattooing started with the voyage of Captain Cook in the 18th century. It was originally Joseph Banks, a botanist accompanying Captain Cook on his travels, who derived the word tattoo from the Tahitian word �tatau�. As the route for travels to the various parts of the world was discovered and opened for the people from all walks of life, especially merchants and traders, the concept of tattooing was spread out. Westerners got tattoos done on their bodies and upon returning home displayed it to their own people. Some people used their tattoos as an attraction feature for exhibitions and circuses and earned money through it. But still tattooing was not a prevalent fashion in the western society, was just a very novel feature that people were only accepting with restraint. It was famous amongst people like sailors, travelers, prostitutes, miners, merchants, etc. Since it was a common phenomenon within the lower strata of the society and majorly criminals were inked, it became a famous notion that people who have criminal tendencies get inked.

The first formal tattoo shop was opened in the city of New York by an artist named Martin Hildebrandt, in the year of 1846. He mostly tattooed the army people who generally got tattoos with patriotic theme engraved on themselves. This was the time tattooing was still a taboo for women in the society. By the end of WW II, tattooing was given full-fledged acceptance in the society.

In 1960s, tattooing was banned in countries like United States of America because of the outbreak of diseases like hepatitis. In 70s and 80s, tattoos saw a change in its trend; people got more inclined towards styles like Chicano and tribal.

Introduction of Modern Tattooing
The modern tattooing came in being from the early days of Chatham square in New York City. Charlie Wagner along with Lew Alberts opened a supply business and began popularizing tattoo art. This unique art drew extreme popularity in the period around 1940's. People in this fashion era went for cosmetic surgeries to get tattooed for adding blush, colored lips and eyeliner. Gradually this art spread to the entire world when elite people in the Europe were seen sporting tattoos.

In South East Asia, the art was treated in high regard from long back. Many countries with Buddhist following in majority treat it as a holy art. However the modernized version of this art apart from religious and spiritual started when people saw the western world going crazy for this art. It is then that this art gained momentum in the fashion corridor of the Asian countries also. Now a completely new sense of significance has been given to this art of primitive flavor in these countries.

Current Scenario Of The Tattoo Industry
In present date, it is amazing to see the kind of crowd these modern day tattoo studios draw even in the suburban cities. This art has been made extremely popular by the famous, high profile people in music and sports who sport their tattoos with extreme pride. Tattoo has completely renovated itself as the modern day art with introduction of all the modern safety measures and ample amount of variety in colors and designs.

The modern tattooing also varies from the primitive from of this art in designing. With introduction of more colors and modern techniques, the tattoo industry has emerged as one of the most popular section of the fashion industry. People today associate it more to the cosmetic and sentimental value than anything else. All those who get it done due to sentimental reasons either do it to sport their special love for their beloved, their religion or anything else. Those who go for cosmetic reasons get it done for either hiding skin discoloration or scars. However most of the people sport it for exhibiting their fashion forwardness.

What Actually Is The Trend Of Modern Tattoo Industry?
Right from religious hymns like Gayatri Mantra to Bible quotes or their beloved's name, people get tattooed whatever they think looks cool. Zodiac signs and birth signs are also popular tattoo themes. Amongst girls, flowers, stars and fairies are the most common tattoo designs. People sport these tattoos at various places right from their lower neck to hip bones; however as ever the arms and ankles remain the favorite spot for tattooing. The art of tattooing has exploded! There is no hard and fast rule or limitation, so you can easily let your imagination get wild and get tattooed.