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Zodiac tattoos are quite popular and people sport their own zodiac tattoos or that of their beloved ones. Find out information on meanings & designs of zodiac tattoos.

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodic TattooTattoos have become one of the most happening style statements. Not only do they look cool, they also give a very aesthetic touch to the beauty of the owner. People go for several kind of tattoos, right from their beloved's name to religious hymns. One of the most popular tattoos however has been the zodiac tattoos. Since time immemorial, the fashion to sport own zodiac tattoos or the zodiac tattoos of beloveds are the most happening trends in the tattoo art. Read on to explore more about the zodiac tattoos.

Zodiac And Symbols
There are 12 zodiac signs namely Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn. Each of the zodiac has a different symbol like the Aquarius are symbolized by a water bearer, pieces by a fish, Aries by a ram, Taurus by a bull, Gemini by twins, Cancer by a crab, Leo by a lion, Virgo by a girl, Libra by a balance, Scorpio by a scorpion, Sagittarius by an archer and a Capricorn by a sea goat. As zodiacs are said to be very symbolic with person�s nature, people love to sport their nature on their body parts.

Zodiac Tattoo: What All Can You Go For?
The zodiac symbols are generally sported on the arms because there is enough space to draw an elaborated zodiac symbol. People also go for zodiac tattoos on their shoulders, ankles, hip bones and lower neck. Many people get their tattoo in a way that their zodiac intermingled is with their partner's zodiac. Some people go for their name tattooed along with their zodiac. Zodiac tattoos that are designed as Zodiac tribal tattoos or Zodiac Celtic tattoos have also gained popularity.

At times people combine their zodiac tattoos with other design elements like flowers, hearts, skulls, tree branches, climbers, buds, crosses, fairies, suns, moons, and stars to make them look extremely beautiful. You can get these zodiac tattoos in multiple colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and violet but if you want it to be simple you can go for the simple black and white combinations.

Different Zodiac Tattoos & Their Meaning

Capricorn Tattoos
This sun sign is represented by a sea goat and represents many unique qualities. Capricorns are practical people and are ambitious in nature. They spend their time and money prudently and are quite careful with people. This is the reason why they are mostly reserved in nature. This sun sign has its downside as well, for example: these people can be very pessimistic and submit to self pity from time to time. They have the tendency to hold a grudge for a very long time. For a Capricorn zodiac tattoo, you can have the goat designed on your shoulder, chest, hip or back or get a Celtic design done on you with the goat from the Capricorn design in the centre of it.

Aquarius Tattoos
This sun sign is represented by the water carrier. These people are very friendly in nature and have a humane outlook for all of the society. They believe in co-existing in peace and with love. These are intellectual people with an honest opinion about most of the things in life. But these people suffer from the tendencies to be perverse, erratic and an inclination to detach themselves from emotions. You can get a water bearer tattoo for Aquarius sun sign, preferably in aqua color.

Pieces Tattoos
This one is represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. This sun sign is ruled by the planet of Neptune and has qualities like compassion, empathy, kindness, selflessness, etc. But an unevolved pieces tends to be an over-idealist, escapist and a push over. This zodiac sign is usually represented in sea green color in the tattoos.

Aries Tattoos
Represented by �the ram�, this sign is adventurous, brave, witty and enthusiastic. But their darker side tends to be impulsive, selfish and short-tempered. This zodiac sign is represented in red color.

Taurus Tattoos
This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus and is represented by the animal bull. This sun sign is famous for its patience, determination, soft and loving nature and reliability. But these people can be possessive, stubborn and self-indulgent from time to time. The color of their substance is soft pink, which can be incorporated in the tattoo.

Gemini Tattoos
This zodiac sign is portrayed by �the twins� and is famous for its twin nature. These people are witty, flexible and young spirited, but can be cunning and two-faced if rubbed on the wrong side. Sometimes, especially in tattoos, this sign is shown by an image of the wolf (symbolizing the famous Roman twins, Remus and Romulus).

Cancer Tattoos
This is the zodiac sign which is ruled by the moon and is represented by the animal �crab�. These people are emotional, intuitive and empathetic by nature. Their flaws include instability of mood and self-obsessed tendencies. You can incorporate the pearl design in a cancer tattoo since pearl is the sunstone of this zodiac.

Leo Tattoos
This is symbolized by the animal �lion� and has many larger-than-life qualities like: generosity, free-spiritedness, independence of emotions, broad-mindedness, etc. These people are called born leaders. But their personalities can be marred by characteristics like: patronizing attitude, intolerant behavior and unnecessary interference. This zodiac sign is also represented by �the sun� since the sun is its ruling planet.

Virgo Tattoos
This sun sign is symbolized by �the virgin�. These people are reserved, shy, hardworking and quite people. But this sign has the tendencies to be over critical and harsh, from time to time. The Virgo tattoos generally comprises of an image of the Virgin Mary.

Libra Tattoos
This is signified by the picture of a balance scale. These people are considered to be balanced by nature, righteous and easygoing. This has its own flaws like being flirtatious, promiscuous, indecisive, etc.

Scorpio Tattoos
This is the most intense and powerful of all the zodiac signs. The strengths are: strong determination, strong emotional qualities, intuitively inclined, passionate, etc. But the downside is that these people get jealous easily and are impulsive, impatient and secretive by nature. This is shown as a scorpion in the tattoos.

Sagittarius Tattoos
This is symbolized by an archer and is guided by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarians are famous for their fun-loving and adventurous nature. But when they are not in their true element then they can be hopelessly hopeful, careless and irresponsible.