Body Art - Tattoos and The Art of Body Piercing

One of the hottest trends prevent in the fashion world is the art of tattooing. Native to the primitive Eurasia, the body art of tattooing has been in practice since the Neolithic times (New Stone Age). Since then, innumerable variations are brought about to the art, with a number of options to choose from the designs. Tattoos are used as a decorative or symbolic design and can be created on body parts, mainly including shoulder blades, arms, upper back and lower back, ankle, chest area.

The art form of Tattoo is immensely popular throughout the world, especially the US and Europe. The fashion buffs are literally fanatic about the body art. You can easily spot the popular figures from different walks of life, sporting fancy tattoos in one part of the body or the other. The tattoo mania predominantly spans across sports stars, rock stars and film stars, who take pride in flaunting their tattoos. It is interesting to note that tattoo is used not only for fashion, but also for other purposes like identifying criminals and political prisoners, race horses and other animals.

With the passing time, the body art of tattooing has witnessed drastic changes. Technological advancement has given way to the use of sophisticated tattoo machines to engrave the tattoo on the body parts. In ancient and medieval period, people employed different tattooing methods. Tattoo machines have evolved from the traditional two-coil hand-held devices to sophisticated electronic guns, with needle, available today. Moreover, tattoo artists in the present time are skilful enough to create intricate and flawless tattoo designs, effortlessly.

Some of the most popular tattoos in hot trend are tribal tattoos, cross tattoos, butterfly tattoos, dragon tattoo, mehendi tattoos, star tattoo, flash tattoos, henna tattoos and religious tattoos. You can get innumerable designs for the tattoos also vary, depending upon whether you want to convey a meaning or just use it to suit your style. Tattoos can be permanent, or temporary. You can find them in a number of types, the most common being abstractions, naturalistic, dedication designs, stylized designs, complex structures and combinations.

Although tattoos are the best ways to make a different style statement, there are some precautions to be considered, if you want to enjoy flaunting the body art. First, the tattoo should be created by a professional tattoo artist, who is trained to create both intricate and simple designs, flawlessly, using a tattoo machine. Second, the tattooing machine should be clean. The needles (only the reusable ones) should be sterilized after every use, because non-sterilized needle is the root cause of tattoo infections. If you take all the precautions, flaunting the wonderful piece of body art can be a lot of fun!